Mathea Olin is an incredibly accomplished surfer, and not just for her age. In 2017 Mathea won Gold in the Longboard PANAM Surf Games and Bronze in the Shortboard division. Mathea has shown that the sky is her limit!

"I choose to ride Aftanas surfboards because, Stefan is a local shaper, I have a really good relationship with Stefan. We learn together.Just being able to go talk to him in person really helps me fine tune feature boards. And honestly I've had some magic boards! All the my boards from Stefan have felt really good beneath my feet, we fine-tune each one for specific conditions and change little details each time that improves the board to my liking more and more. 

"I love to surf because. Surfing keeps me connected to myself, being out in the ocean gives me time to think, and I practically always some in with a smile. Getting the chance to travel around the world meeting new people surfing new waves. Surfing keeps me humble and makes me push myself. I just love the way surfing and being out in the ocean makes me feel, the feeling of improving and doing new moves just makes you want to do it again and again."

BOARDS: Mathea's favourite boards are The Sled, The Option, and The Project

BRANDS: Aftanas Surfboards, Billabong, Live to Surf, Shelter, Ocean Village