The Druther

The Druther is simply a matter of personal choice. It turns its back on what it should be and lets you slide along without judgement or care. It doesn’t have roots in the past nor its the future. It isn’t trying to change your life - it just offers up what surfing is all about: having a good time, sliding effortlessly across the ocean. You wanna crack the lip? Crack it. You wanna float that section? Float it. Don’t worry about what you're supposed to do just do what you want. 

Flat entry rocker gets you in quick and early. With one good pump you are on the move, then it's all about what you want to do next. Slight belly up in the nose flows into concaves under your front foot and roll out to a double concave under your back foot. Speed is everywhere and the refined rail line gives you the control to use it. Just think how much you can have on a soft day, then multiply it by two.  

Five fin setups are not mandatory but are a very good idea. 

SURFER: Intermediate to Advanced


Intermediate: Your height to 2” under your height and don’t sweat the volume. There is foam in this board but it is well placed and serves a purpose. 

Inter-Advanced: Ride it short. You know where you are at. If you wanna shred on it, get it about a liter more than your shortboard. If you wanna cruise and trim, leave around 2 liters more than you normally ride…even more…go ahead and dare to chill out. 

Advanced: Really the same story as above.

Regular price $950.00