The Project is a culmination of everything I have learned from every shredder I have worked with. It is not a board for beginners and I would even say that it is not the best intermediate board either. It is for those looking to take their surfing to the next level with on rail carving turns and big tail blows. 

I won’t get into the details of the curves, rails, or concaves. Simply put, the Project is a fast, ultra high performance shortboard that will allow you to surf as vertically and as hard as you possibly can. 

Which tail should you choose? It really depends on the feel you are looking for and the waves you are going to be surfing. Round tails go rail-to-rail smoothly and increase the arc of the turn, while squash tails offer a tighter turning radius and a little more release. 


Inter-Advanced - Pro


Intermediate: An ‘Option’ or Sled Round Tail would be a better choice, but if you want to feel what a lot of curve and hold feels like in a board, then giv’er. Make sure you are at least a couple of inches over your height and intend for it to be a step-up for the best days. 

Inter-Advanced: Your height is a good place to be and, like always, ensuring the volume makes sense relative to your weight. 

Advanced: Your height. If you want to surf with a lot of power, go a little longer. 

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