Slim Jim

 The Slim Jim is a user friendly and versatile design. It makes a great entry level surfboard, a sleek mid-size for those that might normally shortboard (but at times appreciate a little extra length), and a great alternative to a long board for bigger surf. If you're on a journey down to a shortboard, or need to step away from your shortboard for a bit, the Slim Jim is a great layover. 

Design principles are simple – low entry curves with a bit of nose flip, moderate concaves keep you moving through the soft sections, and tail rocker that is specifically designed for surfing off the tail – shortboard style. This makes it a board that gets you in early while feeling shorter than it is under your feet. 

This is a board you can expect to keep in your quiver for a long time.


Beginner - Advanced


Beginner: If you are a full-on beginner consider kepping it to 18" over your head

Inter-Beginner: Minimum of 12" over your head. Keep the glide alive.

Intermediate: 8 - 10" over your head is a good place to start. But go ahead! Take a chance and go longer.

Advanced: makes a great board for bigger days or if you want to work on your rail game. Riding longer, bigger boards can add some smoothness to your style. 

Regular price $999.99