I had a travelling Aussie stop by one day looking for a surfboard with a longboard outline, but shortened to 5’8. I felt like he was on to something. All fun up front and business at the back. We took a 9’6 longboard template I had lying around, marked 5’8” on the blank and made it fit. After some rocker tweaks and relocating concaves, we were done. Funny how easy it is sometimes. 

A nice full nose makes getting in early a breeze, a real must in a mush crusher, while the relatively narrow tail gives it a good range. Concave under your front foot keeps you moving down the line quick and takes the focus away from generating speed. If you are stepping down from a Slim Jim, or just looking to ride a shorter board that keeps your wave count up, the Stuhb is it.


Beginner - Advanced


Beginner: I don’t think of the Stuhb as a full-on beginner board but if you are a smaller person and can meet the 1’ over your height rule it could be done. 

Intermediate: You can go pretty short, 2” under your height is likely fine, you will want to shoot for 1.5 to 2 litres over your standard shortboard. Always nice to have a few more litres if you are going a lot shorter. 

Advanced: You will know where this board will fit. You might be surprised at the benefits of the full nose and extra width when the waves are weird or soft.  


Hip high to 4 feet over-head plus

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