The Even

Sure, I started out primarily as a shortboard designer. It was what I was riding 90% of the time and because of that, it was what I was building 90% of the time. Time passes, things change. Since 2014 I have been on a mission to make a nose rider that makes nose riding easy. Something more stable than the traditional log that tends to roll around under your feet and can feel slow. 

Through removing some belly and straightening the bottom curves from centre through to the nose, cross stepping smoothly is easier, mid trim is faster and overall stoke factor stays high. A solid hip gives you a great fulcrum point for direction changes and repositioning for the next nose ride section. 

SURFER: Newbie - Advanced


More length equals more glide. Keep it as long as you are comfortable with managing. If you are a smaller person then a 9’0 should be enough. If you are over 225 lbs then I would start at 9’6. 

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