The Option

The Option is just that, somewhere to go when you have outgrown a Sled and are working your way towards The Project. With more volume per inch than the Project and a flatter and more forgiving rocker template, speed comes easier and hitting your volume takes less length. I would call it an introduction to a full on shortboard. 

Rocker is curvier in the tail than the nose making it a good paddler. Concaves are similar to The Project, and rails have a touch more volume. A lot of my team keep an Option in their quiver for those days that have a bit of size but not much power. 

SURFER: Intermediate to Advanced. 


Intermediate: If this is your transition to a shortboard, keep to your height to an inch over. If you are not getting enough volume at an inch over then add some thickness.Inter-advanced: go a bit shorter than your height. It will be a good board for those days that are just a little too soft for your Project. If the volume is off use thickness to hit your target. 

Advanced: A couple of inches under your height. Volume should be there at that size. Short rail lines are always helpful when the waves are softer.

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