In 2016 the Spork went through a serious overhaul, turning it into a mush crusher with a real need for speed. Like the Analog, the Spork has fish-like rocker with a shortboard outline. The difference is, of course, the much wider arse on the Spork. I designed it for those that like to have an abundance of speed under their back foot and like the looseness of a wide tail in marginal waves. 

The engine is a heavy single concave that melds into a light double under your back foot. The rails are boxier than the Analog, serving to keep the deck flat and the volume up. A good paddler and an easy wave catcher even in softer surf. 


Intermediate - Advanced


Intermediate: Your height to maybe an inch under if it meets your volume requirements. Volume should be at least your standard shortboard plus a liter or two. 

Advanced: 2” under your height should meet your volume requirements. The same volume as your shortboard is the minimum but I would add a litre if it is going to be for micro waves. 

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