Intermediate - Advanced


The perfect blend of fish speed and shortboard control with a serious range sums up the Analog perfectly. Maybe not an absolute groveler but a board that works well from hip to well overhead. I don’t really believe in one board quivers, but I would say this is as close as it gets. 

I started with the outline of the Bob round tail, narrowed the outline, straightened the rocker profile from centre back and lifted the nose a touch. I kept heavy speed generating concaves through mid board, maxing just in front of the fins, bleeding into a subtle double concave out through between the fins. I left as much curve in the rail line as possible, especially through the last third of the tail, to keep things lively on rail. 

After 6 months of feedback, and a few tweaks from Coach Brown, we had a keeper on our hands. Shannon’s thoughts: “It’s a very fast and lively board that takes the effort out of generating speed and refocuses your attention to the lip and your next move.” 


Beginniner: The Analog is not the best choice for beginners. If you just got to have one, order it at least 6” over your head. 

Intermediate: Meet your volume requirements and stick to your height, plus or minus an inch. 

Inter-Advanced: Around 2-4” under your height. With such a solid wave range it will depend on how the Analog fits in your quiver.Advanced: Again around 2-4” under your height and hitting your preferred volume

What's My Surfing Level?

Direction to the right size board is not an exact science but a culmination of direct experience, team feed back and constant communication with customers. After that, a reliance on gut feeling. These recommendations assume careful consideration of where you are at with your surfing (honesty in your level of surfing), along with consideration of the volume chart. If you have read through the FAQ’s and are still uncertain about the recommendations I have made, by all means, shoot me an email. 

Below is a description of the “categories” of surfers that I like to use on the board overview page. They are meant not to place anyone in a group, but rather, to aid in understanding where you are at today and to describe where you are headed. 

Newbie: Never surfed before, or has just begun surfing. This is a time where you may need us the most. Read through the FAQ’s and then send me an email. I will help you avoid the mistakes we see when surfers are starting out. 

Beginner: Owns their own surfboard and is just starting to catch waves - someone who is working on the very basics of surfing. Remember we all were the beginning. 

Inter-Beginner: A surfer who can catch waves and ride the green (along the wave face and not straight to shore in the white water). An Inter-Beginner should be able to turn the board, with intention, to some degree. 

Intermediate: A surfer who has become proficient at catching waves and is always riding the open face of the wave. This level of surfer has, to some degree, learned to pump for speed on the wave and can easily negotiate their way around the wave face. An intermediate surfer, in my mind, is capable of doing turns on the wave face. 

Inter-Advanced: A surfer that is no longer thinking about catching the wave, but what they are going to do when they get to your feet. Pumping for speed is second nature and they are planting turns at will. They can complete a round-o (if you don’t know what that is then you are not here yet). The Round-o is actually a complex turn that requires timing, maintenance of speed, and solid judgment of the wave itself - This is why I mention it. 

Advanced: You have conquered the round-o, throw spray through turns and are generally ripping. 

Pro: You are paid “cash-money” to surf....simple.


Knee high to well overhead.