In 2015 I wasn’t in the best surfing shape. Production demands and deadlines started to eat into what would normally be my water time. Being picky about tides and surf quality took a back seat to getting to the nearest beach as quick as possible. If the surf was overpowering the squash tail I just grabbed the round tail. 

Bob is a machine for crushing mush, with flair. Low entry rocker gets you in early, a speed pedal under your front foot gets you moving quick and a curvy last 6” allows you to surf more vertically than you would expect from similar boards. Can’t afford a longboard? Let Bob keep you stoked on those days where you just want to get wet no matter the size. 

SURFER: Inter-Beginner to Advanced


Inter-Beginner: If you have a mid shape and want to try something short, you could pull it off with some serious effort but you would be better off with a Stuhb. 

Intermediate: Your height is a safe place or two inches under. You want to be sure there is about 1 to 2 litres more volume in your Bob than your standard shortboard. 

Advanced: Short as you want to go but be sure to keep an extra litre in your super short boards. Boards lose some ease of paddling when they get into the ultra short range. This advice would apply to inter-advanced and Pro surfers as well. 

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